Hardware Startup Studio

CEO of Spero and director of Hardware Startup Studio Hikari Takahashi gave a short introduction to the innovation principles, lean startup methodology and how to implement it in a startup building process. According to her presentation, it is essential to have access to network, resources and experienced mentors in order to create new impact-driven businesses from scratch. Recently launched in Kyoto, Hardware Startup Studio focuses on creating startups from the ground up with teams of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. It brings under a single umbrella everything needed to build a startup. 

Hikari Takahashi, CEO of Spero and director of Hardware Startup Studio

‘Startup studios or venture builders are organizations that produce new startups – similar to how Hollywood movie studios produce blockbuster movies.’ Attila Szigeti, author of ‘Startup Studio Playbook’.

Hardware Startup Studio’s mentorship-driven program is focused on aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create a startup yet lack the necessary resources. Within the sessions, experienced mentors-in-residence deep dive into the founders’ ideas and suggestions, helping them define their roadmap for product market fit and build a minimum viable prototype (MVP).